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About The Creator

     Adrianna Michelle Willis was born August 15, 2007 to her mother Deborah E. Willis in Fairbanks, Alaska. They later moved to Hinesville, Georgia and attended church under the leadership of Pastor Sinclair L. Thorne but later her mom received a call to go to Germany and spent the last 7 years there. 

    During her seven years living in Germany she and her mom got to travel to places all over Europe for example Spain, France, United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Italy (a lot), and some other places. She got to experience different cultures of people and how different people act. 

        When she was about eight she accepted Christ into her life and that was a very big moment for her.

       In December 16, 2017, her mom and her departed from


Germany to Georgia. Ever since then she fell in love with the black churches. Her mom and her visited most of the historic Black churches that were in a book that they both read.

     One day, she was very bored so she grabbed a piece of paper and just started drawing. She drew all of the churches she had visited and decided to give them to their pastors. Once she did that, the pastors were very surprised because no one had ever done that for them before and that gave them some courage. Also they thought it wonderful that a young person would even think about them. 

         She carried on with her ministry and gave so many pastors her drawing. They were so surprised that they started giving her money. 

          She and her mom would always attend anything that had to do with GMBC. She became endeared to the president and 2 of the vice-regional presidents. She gave them their pictures of their churches and their portraits. Ever since that day, she has carried her ministry to far and wide places. She even drew churches that are back in the woods and no one evens knows they are there.

         Her mission is to get her drawing out to most of the black pastors and show them that she cares about them and what they are going through. She is using God's gift to help God's chosen leaders. She may only 13 but God is using her in an amazing way and He wants her to show that God is using her in an amazing way and that God is using black pastors in an amazing way too.


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